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San Diego Medical SPA Beatitude

2  Reviews

(619) 280-1609
9040 Friars Rd Ste 500
San Diego, CA 92108


Beatitude Medical Spa and Acne Treatment Center is conveniently located in Mission Valley in San Diego.

Phone Numbers

(619) 280-1609

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Cash , Visa , Mastercard , American Express , Discover , Debit Card , All Other Major Credit Cards

Recommended Reviews

Average Rating (2)
Photo of joevista


written: 1 Review
WORST doctor EVER!. This was one of the worst experiences I have ever had and I am always praised for being a 'model patient'. Let me get right to what happened and why Ms. Chang is a terrible "doctor" to go to. I arrived at her office early. After waiting 38 minutes until being seen, Ms. Chang came out, looked in my direction, and said 'next'. She avoided eye contact as she dissapeared down a hallroom of doors. After 12 seconds of wandering, I found her office. She was sipping on a cup of coffee and leafing through magazines. She asked me 'what did you like about the AD that brought you here' - she didn't ask me 'what bothers you about your appearance' or 'what brings you here today' - No she was interested in business. After telling her that the price of an advertised service brought me in, she begins to tell me that "running a business is expensive and she had recently spent over 100,000 dollars on a particular machine at that the costs of running her office were 10's of thousands a month. She said that is a cost to customer ratio and time equated to money, and her office was tied to a quota. I began to tell her about my concerns and why I was there. She avoided looking at me. I asked her about specific frequencies on a machine and she had NO IDEA. She said 'i am not aware of the settings on that machine, but I can always customize it' - I asked her, based on my appearance and skin tone, what would the customization be? She said she had no idea but could customize it for me. She began to upsell me on another procedure which I didn't need. She them started rocking forth and back in her chair and she was ruffling her hair. I could tell that she was wearing a lot of makeup, which seemed to cover something, possibly acne from her youth. I saw that she had a double chin and found it odd that she was treating patients 'imperfections' without fixing her own. anyway, I was very interested in the procedure, but I asked if she could do a section of my body. She became OUTRAGED. She took out a book and began slamming it repeatedly, then took another sip of her coffee. She started up once again about how expensive it was to run an office and how dare i ask her to do only a section, instead of the entire body part. She gave me a scornful look and then I got out of there! This doctor only cares about $$$$ - she has no interest in the care of patients.
Photo of rachael77


written: 1 Review
The first time you go , you will be impressed. But trust me these people are far from professional. Once they sign you up for a plan ( which they are flexible) they hook you. Their treatments are aggressive. They don't give time to heal. I got my treatment done and they used to call me in 2 weeks for facial which is not needed and should not have been done in the first place.One very BIG mistake happened there which I want to share. Their RN Roby lied to me that she cannot apply Local anesthesia on me as she is RN (which is a lie). She did that so that she can finish an extra treatment on me and collect $75 more and she doesn't have to wait 45 min. As she had next client. this is unethical. I had to endure the pain only to learn later that i was lied to. Their business model is to get you in and make you an addict to products and treatments. You get extra care if you are a chinese or korean. they are kind of racist too. The doctor has kept a jew watchdog husband who has no respect for himself and he reflects that in his behavior towards others. With time his behavior will change and you will see his color but not before you signed up and gave your money. This place is a money sucker. They will keep selling costly products to you. BEWARE!!!!!!

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